introduction about repairing conveyor belt in a batch plant

Brief description of the problem:
1. The angle of material is large: The material’s falling angle affects the belt’s deviation.
2. Deformation of steel: whether the deformation of steel is within the allowable range.
3. belt scraper and the gap is too large: the scraper and the belt gap affecting the operation of the concrete belt.
4. The order of feeding is unreasonable: the order of delivery of coarse aggregates will affect the operation of the belt.
Countermeasure analysis:
Countermeasures I, Intervention on blanking angles
1. Design the trapezoidal funnel at the discharge port position so that the aggregate directly passes through the funnel when it falls, and it will fall vertically on the conveyor belt to reduce the impact on the belt.
2. Measure the discharge port size to determine the size, angle, and installation position of the intervention funnel.
Countermeasures II, modify the stent
1, concrete batching plant belt scraper bracket becomes adjustable
The original fixed connection plate milling hole can be adjusted debugging, according to the scraper rubber baffle wear degree in time to adjust the gap between the scraper and the belt.
2. After the fixed connection plate is milled into the growth hole, the gap between the scraper and the belt becomes adjustable. When the belt adheres to the concrete or the affixed belt meets the scraper, the residual material of the belt is better eliminated, and the pair is reduced. The wear and impact of the belt, so as to avoid the deviation from the center line caused by deviation, to achieve the desired effect.
Countermeasures III, increase rain shelter design
To prevent moisture in the aggregate of the concrete mixer during the construction of the rainy season and the exposed part of the aggregate from being easily wetted, the friction coefficient between the belt and the drive roller is reduced, the phenomenon of belt slippage occurs, and the fineness of the belt adhesion is improved, and this measure is effective.

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