Introduction on HZS180 Concrete Mixing Plant

HZS180 concrete mixing plant is a large commercial concrete mixing plant equipment in our factory with foreign and domestic advanced manufacturing technology. The machine technology is reasonable, the function is stable, particularly applicable to the commercial concrete, large engineering project construction and component products produced and cement mixing ground.

concrete mixing station

HZS180 concrete mixing station theory yield rate 180 m/h and need the JS3000 mixer type, mixing console power is 110 kw, the whole equipment of the total power is 200 kw, the batching machine needs four warehouses, ingredients talents 240 m3, cement weighing plans and accuracy (0 ~ 1500) plus or minus 1% kg, admixtures weighing plan and its accuracy (0 ~ 50) plus or minus 1% kg, and discharging height is four meters.

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