Introduction on HZS180 Concrete Mixing Plant

What’s the meaning of HZS180? How big is this concrete mixing station? Indicate the output value of HZS180? How much is the value? Today we share some common sense to some of HZS180 concrete mixing station.HZS180

HZS180 concrete mixing station indicates that this station is a station producing 180m3 of concrete in theory. This type of concrete mix station in HZS series of concrete mixing station is a large concrete mixing plant products. The mixing station of choice is usually JS3000 concrete mixer, mixing console of choice is the power of 110KW as HZS180 concrete mixing station, degree of automation is usually relatively high, and equipment are four bucket of concrete batching machine. How many cement silo in 180 concrete mixing station should be based on the user to select a day’s work time. HZS180 concrete mixing station use a main control room to control the entire concrete mixing stations, can be used together to both concrete tanker unloading.

How big is the HZS180 concrete mixing station ? If you think from an area, the different manufacturers according to the user’s different request produce different device combination way.  HZS180 concrete mixing station all ancillary equipment can be provided by concrete mixing plant manufacturers.

So, if you need to know the exact parameters of HZS180 concrete mixing stations, you can contact Zhengzhou Camelway Machinery.

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