Jaw crusher installation and commissioning

(a), installation
1. The jaw crusher installation should meet the requirements:
①, The positioning pins on the bonding surface must be fully installed.
②, the contact surface of the contact gap is less than or equal to 0.1mm, and the length of the edge gap is less than 15cm.
③, Jaw crusher base longitudinal level is 0.5mm/m, lateral level is 0.15mm/m.
2, find the base position.
3, anchor bolts grouting, concrete hardened and tighten the anchor bolts.
4, grouting requirements:
①, using fine-grained concrete.
②, In the anchor bolts, insert a 10 cm thick oil-impregnated hemp rope and replace it with dry sand.
③, grouting thickness of 20 cm or so.
5, scraping the bearing bushes.
6. Clean the cooling water pipe and lubrication pipe on the main shaft of jaw crusher.
7. Scratch the spindle bearing journal.
8. Adjust the total length of the ribs and ribs to adjust the local clearance.
(b) Test run
1, check before running.
①, Jaw crusher oil supply system.
②, Check the wedge adjustment block.
③, Observe whether the broken car is touched.
④, check the crushing chamber for foreign matter.
2. Confirm the direction of rotation of the jaw crusher.
3, the motor runs for no more than two hours, check the shaft temperature.
4, install the pulley.
5, first open the oil pump, restart jaw crusher, refueling can not be interrupted.
6, no-load operation for 4 hours, listen, see, touch to determine whether the operation is successful.
7, assessment criteria:
①. There should be no abnormal noise during trial operation.
②. The current and voltage must not fluctuate abnormally during trial operation.

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