Jaw crusher installation and maintenance

The jaw crusher PE should be installed on the concrete foundation. In order to reduce the vibration, the base and the frame should be padded or rubberized.
Operation: Correct operation is one of the important factors for ensuring the continuous and normal operation of the crusher. Inadequate operations or negligence in the operation process is often an important cause of equipment and personal accidents. The correct operation is to strictly follow the operating procedures.
Preparation before starting:
Before starting the crusher, the jaw crusher PE must be thoroughly inspected. The contents of the inspection include: abrasion of the crusher tooth plate, adjusting the size of the discharge port; check whether or not the crushing chamber has ore, if there is a large ore, must remove Looseness of the coupling screws; whether the belt pulley flywheel protection cover is in good condition; whether the elasticity of the triangle belt and tie bar spring is appropriate; whether the lubrication system is in good condition; whether the electrical equipment and signal system are normal or not.
Operational notes:
1. After start-up, if the crusher emits unusual knocking sounds, it shall stop moving, and after checking and eliminating the ills, restart.
2. The crusher must be started with no load, and the equipment can be turned on only after the operation is normal, and the ore should be gradually increased until it is fully loaded.
3, to uniform ore, the ore must not be full of crushing cavity; the maximum size of the ore is not allowed to be greater than 0.85 times the width of the ore mouth; at the same time, when the ore is given, it is necessary to prevent the non-fat crushed material from the mine into the crushing machine; When these non-crushed materials pass through the discharge port, they should immediately notify the belt transport station to remove them in time so as not to enter the next crusher and cause serious equipment accidents.
During the operation, it is necessary to always pay attention to a large piece of ore stuck to the mine, sometimes turning with iron hooks, and use special tools when taking it out. Do not use hands to avoid accidents. In operation, when the mine is found to contain too much of the crushing cavity, do not stop the crusher and stop the ore supply until the ore is processed in the crushing chamber and then start the miner. During operation, periodic inspections shall be conducted to observe the condition of the parts of the miner and the temperature of the bearing by watching, listening and touching. The bearing temperature must not exceed 60°C. When the bearing temperature is found to be too high, do not stop immediately. Large amounts of oil, forced ventilation, water cooling, etc., can only be stopped after the temperature of the bearing is lowered to check and troubleshoot.

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