JS horizontal-axis forced concrete mixer price

JS horizontal-axis forced concrete mixer is usually used in HZS series concrete batching plant, usually mix concrete batching machine used together, produce a higher power.General concrete mixer as mixer in our daily life, the first is used to mix the cement, the house creates some small projects such as development and create;The difference lies in:
1, forced mixer mixing drum is fixed, but by the cylinder axis on the blades rotate to data (and mixing barrel with relative rotation to forced mixing blade), its mixing effect is dramatic, mixing effect is very good, high power.
2, in the role of forced concrete mixer primary mixing dry concrete and lightweight aggregate concrete, especially for material request strictly.
3, construction site is most concrete mixing station and mixing building projects.Generally require downtime during operation, the blender and forced mixer is do not need downtime, improve the producing power, reduce the human labor, and so on a large project, forced concrete mixer is the most widely used models.
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