JS Mixer Operation Methods

Mixer is the host station, so staff must have a strong sense of security, and operating mixer must clear seven points.

concrete mixer

  • During the process of normal operation,the forced mixer motor temperature rise shall not exceed the allowable limit.
  • Monitoring forced mixer motor load current. The load current of the motor should not exceed the rated current value of the brand.
  • Monitoring power supply voltage.Current imbalance can cause overheating or other abnormal phenomena.
  • Pay attention to the smell of the motor, vibration and noise.Such as smell coke, abnormal vibration or scratches, the hum of the super-large or other noise, you should stop the machine and check immediately.
  • To check forced mixer bearing lubrication, regular change of lubricating oil.Rolling bearings run along the fat should not exceed 70% of the bearing chamber volume.
  • Forced mixer rotor type motorshould be checked.
  • Keep clean inside the motor. There is no water, oil and debris into the internal concrete mixer motor.

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