JS1500 Concrete Mixer Product Introduction

product details
Mixing system:
The stirring system is composed of a motor, a pulley, a speed reducer, an open gear, a stirring tube stirring device, and an oil supply device. The electric motor is directly connected with the cycloidal speed reducer, and the two output shafts of the speed reducer are driven through the two pairs of open gears to rotate the two horizontally arranged stirring shafts in opposite directions at the same speed.
Loading system:
The feeding system consists of a hoisting mechanism, a loading dragon frame, a hopper, and a feeding nozzle. The brake motor drives the reel to rotate through the reducer, and the wire rope climbs the hopper along the track of the loading rack via the pulley. When climbing to a preset height, a pair of rollers on the bucket door at the bottom of the hopper enter the water rail of the loading rack, and the bucket door automatically opens. Material is fed into the mixer through the feed nozzle.
Electrical System:
JS1500 concrete mixer electrical circuit has air switch, fuse, thermal relay, short circuit protection, overload protection function. Control buttons and air switch handles and indicators are on the distribution box door and are equipped with door locks. There is a protective cover on the button.
Discharging system:
The unloading system consists of discharge doors, air pumps, reversing valves, manifold valves, cylinders, and electrical devices. The discharge door is at the bottom of the mixer. The opening and closing positions of the pneumatic discharge and discharge doors are controlled by pneumatic cylinders, and the discharge door seal can be ensured by adjusting the position of the sealing strip. JS1500 unloading manual operation lever is used for emergency discharging and cylinder unloading during temporary power failure. It should be removed at ordinary times to prevent injury.
Before buying:

1.What does JS1500 mean?

A: According to industry regulations, JS represents forced mixing on behalf of two horizontal shafts, 1500 represents the concrete mixer’s discharge capacity is 1500L, which is commonly referred to as 1.5 cubic meters.

2. JS1500 concrete mixer stirring power?

A: The JS1500 concrete mixer currently has two startup methods, single motor startup and dual motor, but the total power of the mixer motor is 45KW.

3. JS1500 concrete mixer how much money?

A: JS1500 is a compulsory twin-shaft concrete mixer. The configuration of different prices is not the same.

4. JS1500 concrete mixer is what type of mixer, what is its scope of application?

A: This machine is a twin-shaft forced concrete mixer. The rated discharge capacity is 1500 liters each time. Suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small prefabricated components factories and roads, bridges, water conservancy, ports, docks and other industrial and civil construction engineering construction mixing dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars . In addition to being used as a stand-alone machine, it is also possible to synthesize a simple mixing station with a PLD1600 batching unit or as a supporting host for the HZS75 mixing station.

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