JS3000 Dual-axial Concrete Mixer For Sale

1. The main shaft seal structure USES the many kinds of combined seal way, import rubber seals and alloy parts with sealing and reliable lubrication, automatic lubrication system to ensure the shaft end seal long-term reliable;
2. The blade, with high alloy wear resistant lining board material, combined with advanced heat treatment process and design method of long service life.
3. Stir the main reducer is completely independent development and design of stirring dedicated reducer, high efficiency, low noise, large torque, impact resistant capability is strong;
4. Advanced mixer design idea perfectly solve the problem of the stick blender shaft, improve the mixing efficiency, reduce the load, and improve the product reliability;
5.30 years of rich experience in concrete mixing successfully solve the problem of the mixing drum cover sticky material, for the user to remove the cleaning mixing barrel cover troubles;
6. The mixer concrete slump can realize monitoring and subject to change at any time, to provide guarantee for the user to produce high quality concrete;
7. The design concept of scientific and reliable experimental data of utmost reduce the material friction and impact, and material flow more reasonable, greatly shorten the mixing time, improve the mixing efficiency, reduce the energy consumption;
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