Ksa concrete mixer specific safety operation procedures

1, the operator should be familiar with concrete mixer main performance, operation method and the effect of each knob. after they passed the examination, they can have show certificates.

2, After we turn the key switch to have digital light, we can make the motor work.

3, After air compressor works, it is necessary to pressure rises to more than 5 kg/cm2, then we can measure, release, etc. it is forbitted to suspend button when the air compression is working.

4, When we measure the materials, we need to pay more attention to the investigation revealed numerical presence of abnormal in order to timely adjust.

5, After we discharge the concrete, it is necessary for us to check the lights on concrete mixer to continue the nest procedure.

6, When the concrete mixer is working, we need to check the numbers of ammeter, to make sure the ammeter should be between 20-40 amps.

7, We can not change the metering numbers or make up. we should change the metering numbers to avoid the usual working of motor.

8.when the concrete mixer motor is working, we can not stop working of this machine. and we need to continue to work after we discharge the materials.

9, and at the end of the work, we should turn off motor and clean the whole machines.
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