Laboratory use forced concrete mixer

Laboratory use forced concrete mixer is a new high-efficiency mixer.HZS industrialized road of gangue industry has been facing the industry.Arc shape discharge sieve plate installed at the bottom of the rotor, the ends of the bar is installed on the beam, the outermost screen compaction with press, article sieve vertical line up with the direction of the rotor movement direction.In people’s impression, heat, dust rolling, mining workers have been in such a “polluted” working environment.Cost down, mining investors willing to buy more affordable, reliable quality of environmental protection and energy saving model as the model of choice for production.
Mixer blender (architecture) in a full range of mixing equipment model is the most important and indispensable in the model, the Great Wall group, to provide you with comprehensive mixer is introduced in detail and the technical parameter and the mixing equipment technical support.If you need to stick blender quotation, after determine what type of bar blender, will you need concrete batching plant powder machine type and quantity through a message to tell us.2, whether employees wear a use as required.Bearing drive shaft and driven shaft system resonance frequency of a certain value, if a certain vibration frequency and resonant frequency, the resonance occurs.
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plane mixer
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