Maintenance of Compulsory Concrete Mixer Equipment

1. Firstly, check the brand name of the electric motor of concrete mixer. Then check the resistance of the insulation resistance and check whether every component of forced type concrete mixer is in good condition. It is forbidden to occur the damaged and deformation phenomenon.

2. It is necessary to guarantee the electric motor installation surface is smooth. The cable conductor which is connected with power supply should be fixed and reliable. And the electric motor of twin shaft forced type concrete mixer must have ground wire.

3. At the preliminary stage of using the compulsory concrete mixer, check the fastening condition of the foundation bolts before starting the twin shaft forced type concrete mixer every day; after using the compulsory concrete mixer for a period of time, check the bearing parts and other easily damaged parts whether they are damaged and if so, timely replace them; if the equipment is not used for a long time, check and adjust the twin shaft concrete mixer again before using the concrete mixer again.

4. The daily maintenance of concrete mixer and all other machinery equipment is to check whether every component of concrete mixer are damaged or not and whether screws are fastened before and after using the twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer. Users of twin shaft concrete mixer must clean the machine after using the concrete mixer.
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