Management for boiler water quality of Cement mixing plant

  1. Once every 4 hours test pot steam boiler water, sodium chloride, and the measured values under control at 400 mg/L.More than 400 mg/L, shall promptly notify the stoker versed in high water level in boiler, low load discharge operations.concrete batching plant
  2. Steam boiler once every six hours testing boiler water alkalinity, total alkalinity should be controlled between the tendency for L – 26, pan of water pH 10 to 12.
  3. Steam boiler once every 2-4 hours testing water hardness, total hardness control under tendency for 0.03 L.
  4. Hot water boiler water can be based on the system to fill every 2-6 hours of a feed water hardness, feed water hardness under control tendency in 0.06 L, pan of water pH value control between 10-12, low pH value can take water tank to improve drug delivery (NaCO3) method.
  5. The boiler feed water hardness is the tendency for L = 4, antiscale pot domestic drug delivery methods for water treatment, but the sewage must be strengthened.
  6. Water softener dissolved salt pond (cans) shall, from time to time remove saturated solution floating on the surface of material, preventing the pollution in exchange resin.
  7. After cement mixing plant boiler stop running, the softener resin should be soaked in 15% of renewable liquid, and shall be once every 30 days backwashing, replacement of renewable liquid, prevent resin organic matter pollution poisoning.

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