Materials and Standard of Cement Mixing Plant

To the preparation of excellent concrete, concrete mixing station in the raw material selection should be strict, and through the laboratory test.


What material the Cement Mixing Plant Need?

Raw materials of cement mixing plant are basically the 7 kinds of raw materials, such as sand, stone, cement, fly ash and mineral powder, all kinds of admixture, water.

What stones the cement mixing plant use?

Pebble 5 to 25 mm, pisolite 5-25 mm – 16 mm, crushed stone, fine stone 5 to 16 mm.

What kind of fly ash cement mixing station use?

The application of fly ash conforming to relevant regulations, color index shall not be greater than 7.0.

What kind of admixture cement mixing need?

Admixtures must conform to the quality of the technical specification for concrete admixture applications (GBJ119).

What are the standards mixing concrete with water?
Water mixing concrete, should comply with the “standard of concrete mixing water” (JGJ63).

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