Materials Weighing System of Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing station consists of five major systems including materials weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system and control system. Material weighing system is a very important part of the station. Then let me introduce it to you .materials weighing system

Material weighing system is a key component to affect the quality of concrete and concrete production costs. It mainly divided into aggregate weighing, weighing powder and liquid weighing three parts. Under normal circumstances, mixing station choose superposition weighing method for the station with 20 cubic meters per hour or less. In other words, aggregate with a pair of scales, fly ash and cement with a scale, and  water and liquid admixtures weighing respectively, then put the liquid admixtures into water. While in 50 per hour cubic meters of mixing station, people usually the method of independently weighing, and all weighing scales have chosen electronic and computer control. The aggregate weighing accuracy ≤2%, and the accuracy of cement, powder, water and additives need reach the amount of precision ≤1%.
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