Matters needing attention in JS1000 concrete mixer work

1,concrete mixer should stay after the normal operation of the motor, then push on the total clutch, empty machine running for 2 – 3 minutes, such as concrete mixer mixing drum rotation is smooth, not beating, not running deviation, no abnormal effect, hopper up and down and discharge door opening and closing are flexible, can work.
2,   the work of the operator must wear masks, sleeves.
3,   it is strictly prohibited to repair and maintenance in operation, are not allowed to use tools into the mixing drum pick ash slurry or discharge.
4,   when the concrete mixer in full-load operation suddenly power failure or failure, the first switch should be pulled down, with human will be clear of concrete mixing drum. Do not allow to start the mixer with load, in case of starting the current is too large and damage the motor.
5,   the operation of the electric mixer must easily stand on the mat with wood operation on the operating table.
6,   the power of the concrete mixer in more than 5 kilowatts, must be installed starter. When starting, such as arc, blaze or voltage drop suddenly, should immediately stop starting, cut off the power supply, check and repair.
7,   feed hopper rises, it is strictly prohibited to work under the hopper or traffic; Hopper of foundation pit need to clean up or under the hopper inspection, must contact the operator and stay hopper with chain buckle rear can be allowed.
8,   at the bottom of the foundation pit to spread straw bag, as hopper pillow. When the hopper falls to close to the ground, should stop slightly, and then put to the end, so as not to drop too fast and damage the hopper.
9,   feed hopper rises, that is, should open the water valve into part of the water, such as material into such as cylinder before water.
10,  power outage maintenance, must remove the fuse in the switch, and lock the brake box, in order to ensure production safety.

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