Mini batching plant price in philippines

The concrete mixing plant has large-sized concrete mixing plant, small-sized concrete mixing plant, medium-sized concrete mixing plant, medium-small concrete mixing plant, etc. The general users will use large-sized concrete mixing plant for commercial mixing plant. In fact, small-sized concrete Mixing plant in addition to the production of large models is different, the other basically the same.

The main features of the small concrete mixing plant are:
The small concrete batching plant is also a HZS series concrete batching plant, and it is also a JS series twin-horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer for the host production equipment, and the small model HZS series concrete mixing plant also selects the PLD series concrete batching machine as the main batching system. Small type concrete mixing plant has many models, mainly HZS25 type concrete mixing plant, HZS35 type concrete mixing plant, HZS50 type concrete mixing plant; the configuration of small type concrete mixing plant is not single, small type concrete mixing plant has Two different configurations: simple concrete mixing plant and standard concrete mixing plant, HZS25 concrete mixing plant, HZS35 concrete mixing plant, HZS50 concrete mixing plant are the same; small model HZS series concrete mixing plant All are small concrete mixing plant equipment.

Small Concrete Mixing plant Aggregate Usage Instructions by Batching plant
The aggregate is discharged from the aggregate silo unloading door into the aggregate hopper for measurement. After the weigh, the unloading is carried out on a flat belt with a long rotation. A flat belt is sent to the inclined belt conveyor, and the inclined belt conveyor is transported to the upper part of the mixer. Wait for the hopper to wait for instructions, while cement and fly ash are conveyed by screw conveyors to their respective weighing hoppers for measurement. Water and admixtures are respectively pumped by pumps and admixtures to their respective hoppers for measurement. After the measurement of various materials is completed, the control system issues commands to start feeding in a batch to the mixer. After the mixing is completed, the discharge door of the mixer is opened, the concrete is unloaded into the mixing transport by the unloading hopper, and then the next working cycle is entered. .

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