Mixing Plant Equipment Assets Valuation

Original value

Original value is also known as the original value or the original price, which is the full cost of the actual spending in manufacturing and mixing station equipment purchase including manufacturing expense, purchase expense, freight and installation, etc. It reflects the original investment of mechanical equipment, and is the basis of the computation of depreciation.


Depreciated value

Net is also called the depreciated value. So it means the original cost minus accumulated depreciation of mixing station equipment and reflects un-depreciated value of assets value of concrete mixing equipment. Through the comparison between the original value and the net, you can understand the average degree of old and new of mechanical equipment.


Value refers to the increase of fixed assets value after the original concrete machinery and equipment technical reform.

Salvage value is the value of scrapped mixing plant equipment. Net salvage value the salvage value after deducting the cost of cleaning. The original value shall be the proportion of the net salvage value generally 3% to 5% range, determined by the enterprises themselves.

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