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High quality engineering concrete mixing station to produce good concrete, it is necessary to strictly control the composition of raw materials. Engineering concrete mixing plant raw materials are generally divided into: cement, coarse and fine aggregate, water, admixture and other materials, mixing plant raw materials quality directly affects the quality of concrete, strict screening of materials and into the factory inspection is very important. Rate of unqualified raw materials shall not enter the mixing plant site.
Cement for engineering concrete mixing plant: the mixing plant shall be a cement manufacturer with quality assurance and good reputation based on local large rotary cellar cement. And replenish ONR’s stock to strictly control the cement three certificate is complete, and in accordance with the provisions of the specification, according to the approval of concrete setting time, stability and strength and other indicators, to ensure the quality of cement. Coarse and fine aggregate: the concrete is mixed with high-quality sand and gravel, and the sand grain size input adopts super-large grain size to improve the strength of the concrete, the unit price of the sand and gravel is improved, but the strength and strength guarantee rate of the coagulation are greatly improved. Therefore, under the condition of the same strength and strength guarantee rate, can reduce the dosage of cement and admixture components, the cost of concrete mixture material is often lower than the use of inferior sand and gravel materials. Water: drinking water is generally used for mixing concrete. if non-drinking water source is used, it shall be inspected in advance or periodically for compliance with regulations. If meet the standard, can also be determined by concrete test whether can be used. Admixtures: mineral admixtures are: ground fly ash, ground slag, ground zeolite and silica fume and their composites. In order to ensure the effective content of mixing plant admixture, should strengthen the inspection of liquid admixture concentration.

Qualified concrete not only needs high-quality engineering concrete mixing plant equipment, more need to cooperate with standard raw materials, in order to be perfect. Camelway machinery industry everything for the sake of customers, our equipment and technology is your success.

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