Mixing, Transportation and Unloading of Concrete in Summer

This way can reduce loss of speed of the slump and the plastic shrinkage cracking in summer. And the following measures can be taken:


1.Reduce the amount of cement by using a water reducing agent or replacing cement with fly ash. At same time, you can increase the size of aggregate in a correct situation.

2.If the concrete mixture need a long distance transportation, you can use Retarder to control the setting time. And you should ensure the parameter of Retarder is right.

3.If the users want to a higher slump, you should use superplasticizer. Superplasticizer is useful.

4.Water in aggregate heap, which can reduce the climate of concrete by evaporation. Of course, if you use cool water to wet aggregate. And this will do the better work.

5.If you need a long distance transportation in a hot and wet season, you can try to delay the stirring of mixer. And this can make the concrete keep being stirred.

6.If it is possible, you can pour concrete in a suitable weather. And if it is dry, you could pour concrete in evening. Because the effects of wind and weather to concrete are decreasing.

7.Only add mixing water to adjust slump according specified measurements.

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