Mobile crusher performance introduction

The mobile crushing equipment is a novel rock crushing equipment, which greatly expands the crushing work concept field. Its design aims to stand at the customer’s position and eliminate the crushing site and high-frequency infrared carbon-sulfur analyzer environment. Barriers to the customer’s crushing operations are the primary solution, carbon-sulfur analyzers and provide customers with efficient and low-cost project operation hardware facilities.
The superior performance of mobile crushing station: YD series high-performance crusher, feeder and vibrating screen integrated with crusher, on-board installation integrated with belt conveyor, vibrating screen and crusher, steering traction axle, easy to highway In-depth transportation and venues, on-board installation support, quick and convenient installation of equipment sites, integration of vehicle-mounted motors and control boxes.
Integrated installation of the integrated unit integrated unit equipment eliminates the complicated site infrastructure installation operations of split components and reduces material and man-hour consumption. The unit’s reasonable and compact space layout improves the flexibility of site installation.
Mobile crushing equipment (crushing equipment) dynamic flexible mobile crushing station on-car site is high, the body width is less than the operating semi-trailer, turning radius is small, easy to ordinary road driving, more convenient in the crushing field area rugged and rough road environment. Save time for quick entry to the site. It is more conducive to stationing a reasonable area of ​​construction, providing more flexible space and reasonable layout for the overall crushing process.
Reduce the cost of material transportation and crush the mobile crushing station, which can perform on-site crushing of the material on the first line, eliminating intermediate links where the material is removed from the site and breaking it again. The carbon-sulfur analyzer greatly reduces the transportation cost of the material. It also increases the length of the unit. The broken material can be sent directly to the transfer car bin and turned away from the site.
The series of mobile crushing stations with direct and effective integration of operations can be used independently, and can also provide more flexible process configurations to meet customer’s various requirements for mobile crushing, mobile screening, etc. , Make generation organization, logistics transshipment more direct and effective, reduce the cost to maximize.

Adaptable configuration flexible mobile crusher, for coarse crushing, fine crushing screening system, can be a single unit independent operation, but also can be a flexible system to configure the unit Joint operation. Side unloading hopper provides a variety of configuration flexibility for the sieving material conveying method. In addition to supplying power to the unit, the integrated diesel generator configuration can also be targeted to the process system configuration unit joint power supply.
Mobile crushing station (coarse crushing mobile crushing station) is a crushing unit consisting of a jaw crusher plus a vibrating feeder, equipped with an efficient double-layer feeder. High-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer double The layer feeder also reduces the compliance of the jaw crusher throughput, and can also increase the total output. Jaw crusher has a wide range of applications. The mobile jaw crusher is mainly used for the primary crushing products of quarrying in the mountains. The mobile jaw crusher The processing range of the machine is 50-500 tons/hour. The mobile crushing station (mobile crusher) is mainly used for metallurgical, chemical, building materials, hydropower and other materials processing that often require relocation operations, especially for highways, railways, hydropower projects The operation of such mobile stone materials really creates more new business opportunities and reduces production costs for customers.

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