Need to check the parts of the concrete mixing station regularly

The concrete mixing station consists of main discrete components such as hybrid motors, gravel, cement batching equipment support warehouses, skirt lifts, and cement screw conveyors. Its characteristic is that the mixing room is arranged above the hopper of the gravel storage, the cement weighs the bucket, the water additive weighs the bucket, the bottom of the bucket is controlled by the reversible butterfly valve, and the weighing material is quickly sent into the mixing chamber for feeding at one time, thereby improving the concrete mixing practical human body. Engineering, the equipment inherits the advantages of easy installation configuration flexibility and efficient hybrid construction of general mixing plants.

The components need to regularly check the concrete mixing station:

1, air circuit closed, oil level and drainage; detection sensor is normal;

2, belt nose cleaning device adjustment, adjust the belt cleaning device;

3, Aggregate conveying equipment: Check the belt running and interface; Check the movement of the feeding barrel and the hopper door;

4, check the operation of the belt roller; Check whether the motor is running, temperature rise is normal;

5, regularly check the oil level of the drive roller;

6, power lines and lighting conditions;

7, check the drive roller set screws and oil screws are loose;

8, the nozzle is working abnormally, the transfer station’s funnel wear and adhesion cleaning, lubrication point lubrication.

9, motor, pump operation;

10, water valve leakage; check the hydraulic pump oil chamber, if it is insufficient, add it immediately;

11, check the level in the pool at any time;

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