New type of hzs120 got a excellent control center

New type of hzs120 got a excellent control center.The control system of the new type of HZS120 are exciting!it come with IPC,I/O modules and high accuracy calculating system,ensure the date upgrade can be promptly and the control of the concrete production can be fully managed.and make the real-time recording reality,users can observe the process of mixing instantly,enable the user can stop or reconfiguration the project immediately once they find a error.
1 、Auto continuous production
2 、Auto calculation on batch quantity and quality batch on the total batch quantity, manual error minimized
3 、Auto offset. Auto compensation and auto adjustment
4 、Auto adjustment on aggregate moisture
News type of hzs120 not only have got a big breakthrough in control system,but also in other aspect.
The process of producing are environment friendly and all operating are computerized!
All powder materials are processed in wind tight situation and wind tight mixing tower and aggregate belt convey
Easy to transport and install/dismantle
This credit is goes to the modular structure:independent batcher,belt conveyor,mixing tower,stirring conveyor and concrete silo.convenient to move and install/uninstall.
control system for HZS120

control system for HZS120

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