Objective cleaning method of concrete mixer

A lot of users in the use of concrete mixer, after use, concrete mixer cleaning into a headache for users, so the following Camelway machinery manufacturing co., ltd. is simple to introduce how to quickly clean the concrete mixer.
1. stop with a sledgehammer blow method to eradicate the concrete product exists in the concrete mixer cylinder, can only be eradicated with a chisel; The service life of the whole concrete mixer can be ensured and the concrete mixer can be quickly eradicated by using a chisel at the stress point.
2. the concrete mixer after the strike water and stones into the mixing drum 10 ~ 15 minutes to clean, then water and stones out. Pay attention to cleaning, to remove the power supply.
3. cleaning should be carried out regularly, regularly to protect the rules of the project protection, protection work, such as cleaning, lubrication, refueling, etc.
The above three points are relatively objective cleaning methods, customers in need can be combined with the actual situation to deal with.

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