One-piece designed concrete mixer in Xinjiang

Even concrete mixer, we all know, both the building and bridge construction, cannot leave the application of coal gangue aggregate, but they have their own requirements for concrete, not only stir up to standard, the quality of concrete includes two aspects: one is the resource characteristics namely mixing mechanical strength, durability, chemical stability, surface features and the presence of harmful impurities, etc. According to the technical specification asphalt layer with coarse aggregate shall meet the quality requirements;Second, processing characteristics, mainly including particle size and size distribution, particle shape, particle composition, cleanliness, and the consistency of the 0.075 mm particle content, etc.
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Introduction of the Great Wall machinery to produce 200 tons of concrete processing model implements the recycled concrete, the concrete after mixing, stirring as recycled aggregates, and then through the brick of recycled brick, but make the resource reuse also solved the pollution problem.The largest of the three gorges project, the Great Wall project of xiaolangdi used are artificial stone made concrete.Building blocks, aerated concrete, mechanical, bricks, insulation, head of market and economic association for the study of present at the meeting.1.6.Blender must be started racing, no-load test shall not be less than 2 hours, observe the mixer’s work should be paid attention to when trying to turn, stop immediately when abnormal phenomenon is found, and find out the reason;After eliminating the machine can be restarted.Quality pearlite after large powder, are widely used in papermaking, rubber, paint, paint, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, feed, sealing, bonding, in the manufacture of polishing products.Method: parking, cleaning sieve aperture clogs in;Adjust the charger.
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