Overview on Cylinder of Concrete Mixing Station

First. The three-cylinder structure makes cylinder insulation thermal efficiency up to international standards of existing standards (65%), energy can be fully utilized, more efficient and more environmental.
Second, probability sieve use German technology: high efficiency, low energy consumption, compact structure, large capacity, long life, easy maintenance.
Third, the mixer wear-resistant design, mixing time is short, fast unloaded material, discharging less residual Lyon, easy to clean, easy maintenance, and low energy consumption.Concrete Mixing Station

Fourth, the cyclone dust particles achieve recycling; air box pulse bag filter achieve high pulse line cleaning dust removal efficiency. The use of high temperature flue gas cleaning effectively prevent condensation and paste bag phenomenon.
Fifth, the batching system uses a high precision measurement of international brands of pressure sensors and all the ingredients of material by computer control.
Sixth, the control system uses IPC + PLC control mode, with automatic control and manual control, to achieve ingredients, packaging materials out, query, statistics, printing and the whole production process control.

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