PF impact crusher common faults and treatment:

(1) PF impact crusher belt turnover:
1, The belt is damaged and the triangle belt needs to be replaced.
2,we must pay attention to the quality of the triangle belt itself.
3,Because of belt assembly problems, it is necessary to adjust the active and driven pulleys on the same plane.
(2) Impact crusher discharge size is too large:
1,Explain that excessive wear of the hammer or counterattack lining plate causes the gap between the hammer and the counterattack plate to be too large. It is necessary to replace the plate hammer or counterattack lining plate, generally adjusted to 15-20mm.
2,too large feed particle size will affect the size of the material.
(3) Impact crusher bearing heat:
1,Too much or too little grease; grease is dirty, replace the grease after cleaning the bearing.
2,bearing damage, to replace the bearings.
3,the bearing gland is too tight, it is necessary to adjust the bolt, moderate elasticity is appropriate.
(4),impact crusher vibration abnormalities:
1, indicating the feed material is too large, you can check the feed size.
2, uneven wear of the hammer, indicating that the hammer need to be replaced.
3,When the hammer is changed or assembled, the rotor is not calibrated, the hammer is reinstalled, and the rotor corrects the balance.
4,If the foundation is not properly handled, check the anchor bolts and reinforce them.
(5) Impact hammers are generated inside the impact crusher:
1. The material that cannot be broken enters the inside of the machine, and the crushing chamber is cleaned after parking.
2. Counteract the looseness of the liner fasteners and check the fastening of the counterattack liner.
3. The hammer hits the counterattack and checks the gap between the hammer and the counterattack.
4. the hammer or other parts of the fracture, replace the broken parts.

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