Pollution Treatment of Concrete Mixing Station

As we know, environment is very important for us, so people should pay more attention to protect environment. Camelway Machinery will tell you what we should pay attention in concrete mixing station.

Concrete plant pollutants generated mainly dust pollution and water pollution, and dust pollution can be dealt with through the device filter. Waste water treatment should use the method of depositional separation .Leading waste water into sedimentation pool, and then discharge the clean water through the sedimentary. Giving the sediment to professional slag processing company. It is now generally choose way to deal with waste water across the country.concrete mixing station.

Waste water mainly produced by scouring equipment and places in concrete mixing plant. The waste contains cement, sand and gravel,mineral powder, and strong alkaline substances such as admixture. And the PH value is as high as 11-12, and insoluble substance is about 2000-3500 mg/l. if these waste water discharges, not only caused a waste of water resources, and also formed the pollution of the environment, so for environmental reasons, concrete mixing plant waste water treatment is very important.

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