Powder Equipment of HZS60 Concrete Batching Station

As one of a the large-scale enterprise, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery will give you a brief introduction on the powder equipment of hzs60 concrete batching station.


Powder screw conveyor:

(1) specification: Φ 219 х 9000

(2) quantity: 3

(3) the throughput: 45 t/h

(4) the motor power: 1 l kw

System description:

1, whole sealing device for the powder conveying, discharging mouth and weighing hopper adopt soft connection does not affect the measuring accuracy.

2, material mouth for universal ball joint, adjustable Angle deviation, and good sealing.

3, spiral vane and simplified small gap, high transmission efficiency.

Power house:

(1) specification: 100 t * 3 (2) filter: 3

System description:

Top of the power house has spill-proof top device, cement resulting into round the cement silo load pressure reduction, and prevent the pollution of dust in the air.Vicious arch device placed in the cones, combined with pneumatic system and control system can be automatically broken arch, real-time of cement can be manually broken arch.

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