Power Calculation of Concrete Mixing Station

If you want to know the power of concrete mixing station, you need to know some conditions.

Concrete Batching Plant

The first is the equipment rated parameter list of single concrete mixing plant. The second is the equipment operation request of each concrete mixing plant. The last is spare equipment of concrete mixing plant, lighting load and capacity. Assume that the coefficient is 0.8, the power factor is 0.8, then the calculation load is 150 kw. If the transformer load coefficient is 0.75, it needs 200 kw transformer. The calculation formula of concrete mixing station equipment is simple. That is (Mixing total volume) power output/h x power=power consumption. Such as concrete mixing plant equipment:( mixing total volume) 100000 x 120 (power)/( power output/h x power) 300 x 80% = 28000 kw · h.

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