Precautions and Installation Requirements for High Efficiency Fine Crusher at Power-off

All mining machinery and equipment must comply with operating procedures while working. The same applies to efficient crushers, especially when starting and stopping. Only in accordance with the relevant requirements and norms can we ensure the safety of efficient crushers and operators.
(a) Then, what should you pay attention to when starting up and shutting down an efficient crusher?
1, Before turning on the high-performance crusher, be sure to check whether the whirl observations are tight, so as to avoid danger of materials rushing out.
2, before the device is turned on, but also check the direction of rotation of the mill wheel, if the direction of rotation is wrong should adjust the motor wiring.
3, when the equipment stops rotating, you should stop feeding and then shut down. Failure to do so can cause the material to crush the impeller and burn the motor of the shredder.
In addition, when the efficient crusher is working, it is prohibited to enter the equipment larger than the specified size so as not to cause irreparable damage to the equipment. As long as you notice these, you can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and improve the production efficiency of the equipment.
(b) Installation requirements
1. When assembling the high-precision crusher, attention must be paid to maintaining the dynamic balance of the rotating parts such as the main shaft and the drum, the hammer frame and the hammerhead, and the weight deviation of the counterbalancing weight hammer should not exceed 0.2 kg.
2. When the high-precision crusher and the motor are installed on the concrete foundation, the horizontality of the spindle shall be ensured. The deviation of the two pulley planes shall not exceed 1 mm. When designing the installation base, full consideration should be given to the feeding space and the inspection space.
3. The bolts of each assembly of the fine crusher shall be fastened, and the gap between the seat and the side cover must be tightly closed to prevent ash leakage.
4. When installing the lower cabinet, install the liners on both sides of the cabinet first, and then install the frame.
5. The user can only operate after installing the driving wheel, driven wheel, and V-belt safety protection cover according to the actual terrain.

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