Precautions for installation of cement silos in schwing stetter batching plant

Cement warehouse in the cement warehouse in the installation process considerations
(1) The concrete screw bolt in the concrete silo in the concrete mixing station is poured into the foundation reserve pit. While adjusting the centerline of the cement silo and the centerline of the foundation, the upper four flanges are adjusted on the same level (measurement method: theodolite) Or diameter 8-10 transparent plastic hose plus color water measurement), that is, optional concrete pouring. The grade of concrete reserved for pit pouring should be one grade higher than the concrete used in the foundation. In winter construction, in order to shorten the construction period, the anti-freezing agent should be added to the concrete used. After the concrete is solidified for 5-7 days, the cement tank body can be installed. When the cement tank body is installed, the verticality of the cement tank body needs to be measured with a theodolite, and the verticality is one thousandth of the height. In order to shorten the construction period, it is also possible to use an embedded part instead of an anchor bolt to fix the cement silo or mixer in the infrastructure.
(2) Installation of the mixing machine in the concrete mixing station: Raise the lower plane of the chassis of the mixer properly, and connect the legs with the host with a hinge. After the cement scale, water scale, and additive scale are installed, the crane can be lifted and measured. And adjust the host chassis, so that it is in the horizontal state, the centerline of each leg and the centerline coincide, the caster bolt can be cast in the reserved pit (or the base and the embedded parts of the welding).
(3) Installation of other parts of the concrete mixing plant: After the main body and the cement warehouse in the concrete mixing plant are installed, screw conveyors can be installed. Before lifting, check the lubrication points for filling oil and grease, and carry out empty car operations. Test, found that the problem was solved in time, the installation of the batching machine part, according to the requirements of the foundation map in place, the small batching machine placed on a solid foundation pier plane can be large-scale batching machine required to cast anchor bolts, the installation of the mechanical parts After checking all the lubrication points of various equipments with lubricating oil or grease, it is possible to wire and conduct empty vehicle operation tests according to the requirements of the manual and electrical schematics.

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