Precautions for selection of concrete mixing plant

Recently there are many concrete mixing station cement silo to customers we sent to customer consultation, consultation and concern summarized can be summarized as: “we buy in cement silo of cement tank, how to identify or check the cement silo cement tank is good or bad, how can it be just perfect?
As we all know, most of the material in the cement silo is made of steel. Due to the use of environmental factors, cement silo often completely exposed in the air, rain and snow hit, easily suffer exposed to the weather, corrosion is inevitable, so be sure to check the anticorrosion cement silo is perfect, here, Xiaobian remind you, to check the work of anti-corrosion concrete mixer cement silo in the outer surface of the special, mainly to see the paint brush is in good condition, thickness and smoothness is qualified.
There is also a concrete mixing station must pay attention to factors, that is, cement silo dust removal equipment, this is an important aspect, because the cement warehouse if dust removal effect is not, it will cause certain losses. Then, we must first check whether the installation of dust removal is stable, in addition, the salvation depends on whether the filter core of the dust collector is qualified.

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