Precautions when using a cone crusher

First, the start and stop of the equipment
1. The appropriate starter should be selected according to the motor model, starting from the starter.
2. The cone crusher should be turned on and off in order.
3. The cone crusher should be started with no load. When feeding, it should be even and not overloaded.
4. Feeding should be stopped before shutting down, and all materials in the standby can be shut down before being discharged.
Second, feeding
1. The incoming materials should meet the technical requirements of the machine, and the particle size must not exceed the specified range. The water content is related to the physical properties of the material and should not be greater than 15% so as not to block the material inlet and cause the paste machine to appear.
2. All feedings should be done to improve the crushing effect and improve working conditions.
3. It is forbidden to enter the machine with metal materials to prevent damage to the bearings and other components.
Third, the layout
1. The discharge port of the cone crusher should be ensured to be unblocked so as to avoid accidents caused by overloaded equipment due to poor discharge.
2. The discharge condition should be checked regularly. If the size of the discharge does not conform to the specified discharge size, the wear condition of the hammerhead and lining plate and the tension of the V-belt should be inspected. If any problem is found, wear parts should be promptly replaced and adjusted.

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