Production of Concrete Mixing Station

We are specialized in concrete mixing station manufacturers. Each concrete mixing station that is a production line and continuously produce the concrete. The raw materials of concrete such as sand, water, fly ash and other raw materials through the concrete mixing station constantly to produce the concrete. Today, we will give a brief introduction to the production of concrete mixing station.concrete mixing station

First we introduce our HZS25 concrete mixing station. For each type is the output value of the concrete mixing station, the station is 25 output per hour 25 cubic. So it is easy to remember and to use, and it is the smallest type of concrete mixing station in our company, usually was used by builders in rural building. Larger type is HZS90 concrete mixing station. It is the product of concrete mixing station, and it is usually used in engineering larger local, such as city build buildings. The concrete mixing station is higher in output and has a strong practicability. It is the most appropriate selection of large building.

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