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Concrete batching plant users have more and more personalized requirements. Professional and high-tech stationary concrete batch plant is becoming more and more popular among users. The main development directions for concrete batching plant are high speed, high precision, high reliability, intelligence, integration and open.

The core of the new generation concrete mixing plant development is open. The new generation of concrete batching plant adopts modular, hierarchical structure. At the same time, concrete batching plant offers unified application program joints to the outside.
concrete batching plant

At present, open controlling system of concrete batching plant has normative architecture, communications, allocation. The operation platform and other functions of concrete mixing plant are the core of current study. The new generation of concrete batching plant will greatly meet the requirements of manufacturers to production line, manufacturing system, information integration, which is also the foundation of new manufacturing mode.

The biggest bright point of the new generation of concrete mixing station is intelligence which reflects: to seek the intelligence in efficiency and quality, the intelligence to improve driving and to bring convenience to application, the intelligence to simplify programming and operation, intelligent operation interface, diagnosis and others, which makes the diagnosis and maintenance to the system. At the same time, the new generation of stationary concrete batch plany pays attention to the application and economic development. Flexible automation technology is the main means for manufacturing industry to adapt to the requirements of dynamic market and quickly update products. Flexible automation technology is the supporting technology for advanced manufacturing field and the main trend of manufacturing field development.
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