Reason and Corresponding Solution of Gas Supply Fault in Concrete Mixing Station

Concrete mixing station gas source failure and solution:
(1) air compressor failure are: check valve damage, piston ring wear serious, damage to the inlet valve and air filter blockage.
To determine whether the reversing valve is damaged, only in the air compressor automatically shut down ten seconds later, turn off the power, hand wheel to move a large tape pulley, if more easily turn a week, then check the valve is not damaged ; In addition, the anti-valve has been damaged; In addition, can also be from the automatic pressure switch below the exhaust port to determine the situation, usually in the air compressor automatically shut down after about ten seconds to stop the exhaust, If the exhaust has been stopped until the air compressor starts again, it means that the check valve has been damaged and must be replaced.

When the pressure of the air compressor is slow and accompanied by the phenomenon of oil, indicating that the air compressor piston ring has been seriously worn, should be replaced.
When the intake valve is damaged or the air filter is clogged, the pressure on the air compressor will also rise slowly (but there is no oiling). Check, the palm of your hand can be placed on the air filter inlet, if there is hot air to the top, then the inlet valve has been damaged, to be replaced; if the suction is small, the air filter is generally dirty, The filter should be cleaned or replaced.

(2) failure of the valve are: the pressure is not high, or the pressure rise slowly. Pressure is not high, often due to pressure spring breakage or diaphragm caused by the rupture, must be renewed; pressure rise slowly, generally caused by the filter was blocked, should be removed cleaning.

(3) pipeline failure are: pipe joints leak, hose rupture, condensate accumulation and so on.
Pipe joints leak and hose rupture from the sound up to determine the location of the leak, should be promptly repaired or replaced; if the pipeline is condensed with condensate, it should be drained in time, is characterized in the winter of winter condensate easy to knot Ice and block the air.
(4) Compression air handling components (triple body) failure: oil and water separator failure, pressure regulator and oil mist failure.
Oil and water separator failure is divided into, filter blockage, damage, the movement of moving parts of the valve is not flexible and so on. Work to always clean the filter, remove the oil and impurities in the sewage.

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