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Q: small concrete mixing station computer operating room price? Are all the operating rooms the same?
Answer: computer operating room, can be done according to the different requirements of different customers, and can also configure air conditioning, lighting, chairs and other configuration, generally is about 10 thousand – 20 thousand.
Q: can you introduce the electrical system of the JS500 mixer?
Answer: electrical control circuit is equipped with air switch, fuse and thermal relay. It has the function of short circuit protection and overload protection. All control buttons and air switch handle and indicator light are arranged on the distribution box door and equipped with a door lock. There is a protective door outside the button. The electrical components in the distribution box are mounted on an insulating plate, which is safe, reliable and easy to operate and maintain. The electrical control power supply is 380V three-phase four wire power supply, and the voltage tolerance error is 10%. Otherwise, it is forbidden to use. If the user is equipped with a self generating power supply, the capacity shall be more than 50KVA. There are two limit switches in the junction box of the electric putter, which will play an overload protection role. The surface temperature rise of the motor is less than or equal to 60 DEG C, charged more than 0.5M Omega on the part of the insulating shell.
Q: how high is the discharge height of the HZS120 mixing station?
Answer: at present, the discharge height of the HZS120 station on the domestic scale manufacturers is mostly designed to be 4.1 meters, which is convenient for various types of concrete trucks to enter and receive materials.
Q: how much mixing station does the concrete produce per hour or 50? Is it OK for the 50 stop?
Answer: the concrete produced by this production requires that a HZS75 concrete mixing station can fully meet the requirements of production. Of course, it’s OK to choose a larger model.
Q: how many tankers do small concrete mixing stations want?
Answer: how to say this, take the HZS50 concrete mixing station as an example, the concrete transport vehicle, 5 cars basically enough.
Q: how many powder cans are needed for the type 90 mixing station?
Answer: for a lot of manufacturers 90 concrete mixing station, equipped with the number of cement irrigation, there is no strict sense of setting, the general manufacturer is not less than three pieces of cement irrigation.

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