Replacing Mixing Blades of Concrete Mixer

Cement mixer is composed of key machines in the preparation process of concrete. To replace mixing blade of cement mixer, should pay attention to the disassembly sequence and location of parts. After finishing cement mixer blade replacement, place the parts.


  1. Cement mixer mixing blade Angle to agree, can’t put wrong;
  2. The mixing blade Angle is too big or too small will affect the mixing production, so the blade with mixing axis Angle at 70 degrees or 80 degrees;
  3. The best Angle of mixing blade is rotating first show mud material 20-30 mm;
  4. The phase of mixing blade stagger on two shaft 90 degrees;
  5. When installing mixing blade, the blademust be tightening. You should as far as possible to tighten the nut on the head of mixing blade.

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