Requirements for Density of the Fly Ash in Concrete Mixing Station

Various kinds of particles of fly ash can be used in cement concrete mixing station, so the density of fly ash, can from 0.41 kg/m3 to 4 kg/m3, is even higher. Compactness index for quality evaluation of fly ash has a certain practical significance, and the density change suggests that quality also changes.


For fly ash concrete mixture ratio design and calculation, the density is also an important technical parameters. In evaluating the density of the average density can be mixed grain. If solid particles of the dominant at high density, hollow, the increase in the number of particles porous density must on the low side. The density of low calcium fly ash is commonly 1.8 2.6 kg/m3. Low calcium fly ash pile density changes in the range of 600-1000 kg/m3, high calcium fly ash pile density of 800-1200 kg/m3. Wet fly ash with the increase of water content, its bulk density increases, the optimum moisture content of 15% to 15%, up to the most of the density of 1700 kg/m3.

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