schedule maintanance of concrete batching plant

1. The concrete mixing station needs regular (4000 hours or 2 years) replacement of lubricant. Replace the pressure oil in the hydraulic system. When changing oil, the system must be completely pumped out of one or more oil tank throats.
2. When replacing oil or refueling, the type of oil must be operated in a strictly specified type.
3, often check the shaft seal ring and rotating ring wear.
4. Observe the wear of the arm arm guard regularly and replace it if necessary.
5, automatic control system:
(1), pay attention to dust, shock, waterproof. Ensure the IPC and PLC work normally.
(2) Check whether the insulation of each electrical device meets the electrical safety standards and whether the zero connection is safe and reliable.
(3) Inspect the lightning conductor of the lightning protection device and do not break it. The grounding should be reliable.
(4) Regularly inspect the electrical components, main switch, buttons, indicator lights, contactors, etc., and check if it is damaged.
6, ingredient metering and conveying system
(1) Check whether each measuring bucket door, solenoid valve and cylinder are working properly.
(2) Always check if the sensor is working properly. Avoid welding the sensor to avoid breakdown of its resistance.

(3) Check whether the tape of the belt conveyor is broken or out of alignment, and whether the positions of the rubber plates of the various cleaners are normal, so that there is no excessive friction between the belt and the conveyor belt.
7. If the lubrication system of the oil pump fails or the mixer cannot stop production during maintenance, grease the grease from the four shaft-end grease nipples (≥2 times per day).
8, Lubricating oil pump must use clean lubricant, from the bottom of the pump with the oil gun through the filter, it is strictly prohibited to open the oil pump cover to add oil, otherwise it will cause valve core and distribution valve damage.

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