Security Protection of Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete mixing station for work safety is very important, so Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery manufacture would like to share the safety protection measures of concrete mixing plant.


1) The concrete mixing station should be equipped with motor shells or adopt other measures for protection, prevent moisture. Motor must be installed start switch, and the speed should be from slow to fast.

2) After the concrete mixing plant start to work, you must check blender parts is normal operation.When stop, you also need to often see if mixer blade is bending, and screw is loose.

3) when the cement mixing plant finish working, or is expected to stop more than 1 h, besides excess stock out of the net, should be within 7 with sand and water to pour into the mixing barrel, boot turn 5-10 min, put the glue on the cylinder of the mortar all discharged after rinse. May be there is no water within the cylinder. After work, to get off motor fuse, ensure safety.

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