Several problems easily occurred in concrete mixing plant

Modern construction industry is more and more popular with the use of concrete mixing station, because the concrete mixing station equipment is very complete, the production of concrete is more convenient and simple. Many investors have also focused their attention on its construction. Because this kind of mixing station is made up of many equipments, it will inevitably appear some faults in the course of using, and thus influence our construction. So, what are the problems?
In the concrete station can not be ignored is the factor of stirring temperature, in the construction process to open a variety of devices, each device needs great power can play a large number of concrete production effect, so there will be a lot of heat generated in the process of use, some of the heat can’t even shed normally, causes the high the machine internal temperature leads to some parts of equipment cannot work normally.
In order to avoid the generation of high temperature, we can pay attention to the exchange of heat as much as possible in production. The best way is to reduce the temperature of the feed without affecting the quality of the product, so that the heat can also be exchanged so that the equipment will not overheat.
In addition, in the concrete mixing station construction process, we need to pay attention to concrete mixing time, mixing time is too long, equipment accumulation of heat also more, more likely to cause equipment failure, affect our production schedule.

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