Small concrete mixer truck

Consisting of a small cement mixer

Consists of car chassis, part of the mixing tube, transmission, water supply installations. Due to technical bottlenecks, domestic mixer’s four pieces are all imported parts.
Mixer: the two types of chassis, powertrain, hydraulic systems, racks, mixing tank, out equipment, water systems, steering system, ladder and other components. Mixing tank front and reducer coupling mounted in a rack before the stage, the back-end through raceways supported by two mounted in the rack back riding wheel.

Small cement mixer parts and working principle

Small cement mixer is also known as mini concrete mixers, concrete mixing mainly for cement transportation work station.
Small cement mixer mainly dedicated accessories, including power take off, after mixing tube frame, gearbox, hydraulic systems, the mixing tube, steering mechanism, cleaning systems. Works through the power take off power to remove the vehicle chassis and drives the hydraulic pump hydraulic system, the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to pass hydraulic motors, gear motors and then driven by gear-driven mixing system, to carry out concrete stir.

Advantages of small concrete mixing truck

A reliable seal small concrete mixing tank seal around the state in the long-term stable operation, a small amount of leakage, the leakage rate of only 1% of packing;
2, long life, generally up to 1-2 years or longer, in the chemical medium is generally able to work more than six months;
3, the power consumption is low friction, the friction power is only 10-50% packing;
4, substantially no wear of the shaft or sleeve;
5, long maintenance cycle, the face wear can be automatically compensated under normal circumstances do not need regular maintenance;
6, good vibration resistance, vibration of the rotary shaft, and the yaw axis of the deflection is not sensitive to the sealed chamber.

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