Soil stabilization equipment environmental protection measures

In order to do a good job in the environmental protection work of the Stabilized soil mixing station, various projects adopted the use of full-coverage aggregate conveyor belts, equipped with cement tank top dust collectors, and set environmental protection measures such as inlet and outlet wash basins and sewage discharge sedimentation tanks to prevent construction dust and sewage discharge pollution. The surrounding environment meets environmental protection requirements.

The conveyor belt is fully covered to prevent the material from transmitting dust. The cement tank top is equipped with an automatic dust collector to prevent cement from leaking dust. Set the washing pool at the inlet and outlet of the Stabilized soil mixing station to ensure that the Stabilized soil mixing station is clean and free of dust. A three-stage sewage sedimentation tank is set up, and the wastewater in the Stabilized soil mixing station is discharged after being precipitated.
According to the scale and characteristics of each project, local conditions, reasonable site selection, unified planning, environmental protection, overall layout of the completed Stabilized soil mixing station, site hardening, drainage system, rain and separation of silo, stacking, mixing equipment and environmental protection measures, etc. Both are in line with the requirements of “Double Standard Management” and have their own characteristics, achieving the purpose of specialization and standardization of concrete production.

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