Solution for discharging gate leakage of forced concrete mixer

The forced concrete mixer malfunctions, and a collision sound is found during stirring. After diagnosis, it may be caused by the shovel or scraper loosening or warping, resulting from the collision with the mixing cylinder. You can use the fastening bolts or scraper connecting bolts. To solve, overhaul, adjust the spade, scraper and the gap between the wall. The following are the diagnosis and solutions to the problems of various forced concrete mixers.

First, the impact of forced concrete mixing sound
the reason:
The spatula or scraper loosens or warps and collides with the mixing drum.
Secure the connecting bolts of the spatula or scraper, overhaul, adjust the spatula, clearance between the scraper and the wall of the drum.

Second, shovel shovel rotation is not working abnormal sound
the reason:
1, the stirring device buffer spring failure.
2. There are large particles stuck in the mixing material.
3, excessive feeding, power overload.
1, Replace the spring.
2, Clear the card game material.
3, According to the provisions of feeding capacity feeding.

Third, forced concrete mixer running discharge gate leakage
The reason:
1. The discharge door is not closed tightly.
2. The remaining adhesive around the discharge door is too thick.
Discharge method:
1. Adjust the bolts below the discharge floor so that the discharge door is closed tightly.
2, Remove the remaining bond material.
Fourth, the forced concrete mixer on the hopper is not running smoothly
the reason:
1. The warpage of the loading track is uneven and the hopper roller is in poor contact.
Discharge method:
1. Check and adjust the two tracks so that the track is straight and the tracks are parallel.
Fifth, The hopper on the forced concrete mixer rises over the point and pulls the traction mechanism.
the reason:
1, Automatic limit failure.
2. Automatic limit baffle deformation does not work.
1, Repair or replace the limit device.
2, Adjust the limit baffle.

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