Stabilized soil mixing station Operation specification

One. Preparation before homework
1, The motor part is carried out according to the general rules of operation.
2, Check whether the connections are reliable, whether the bolts are loose or not, and whether the valves are flexible.
3. Check whether the lubricating oil of each lubricating point is added enough.
4, Check whether the quality of pellets, lime and cement is in line with the requirements of construction specifications, whether the quantity can meet the needs of production, and whether the supporting production facilities are in place.
5, Check whether the power supply voltage is in line with the regulations, and whether the leakage protection device is reliable and effective.
6, Check the electrical equipment, control instrument damage, whether the joints loose.
7, Check whether the water supply system is working properly, and whether the water supply is adequate.
8, Check whether there is any stone or other debris in the belt and mixing drum.

Two, job requirements
9, In strict accordance with the provisions of the instructions, start in accordance with the prescribed order.
1) Whether the work of each conveyor belt is normal, whether there is deviation or stuck.
2) Mixing drum and mixing blades, whether there are stuck or other abnormal noises.
3) The vibrator of the silo wall should be vibrated.
4) Electric roller and supporting roller. The sweeper should work normally, no rotation is not good, axial movement is large, and so on. If necessary, it should be adjusted or replaced.
5) The water supply pump should work normally, valves should be switched flexible, and there is no water leakage in all joints.
6) The water meter should be accurately measured and the error is within the prescribed limits.
7) Speed adjustment of speed regulating motor should be flexible and no other abnormal noise.
8) A stable soil mixer with screw conveyor device. Check whether the screw conveyor and batching device are working normally or not.
9) The stable soil mixer with broken arch device should check whether the broken arch device is reliable and effective.
10, In the work, there should be a special person to inspect the feeder, mixer and conveyor belt to work properly, and find fault.
Notify the console promptly, so as to stop check and adjust.
11, In the work, we should have special persons for mixture ratio, water content, lime or cement supply and water supply.
Check and analyze every 2h once. If the change exceeds the permitted range, check and adjust in time.
12, Strictly prohibited the use of unqualified aggregate, so as not to affect the quality of the mixture, and cause the mixing blade damage.
13, After unloading the material, the conveyor can stop.
14, Check the surface indicator of decelerator and electric drum regularly. Replace idlers with ineffective rotation or axial momentum greater than 2mm.

Three,  requirements  after the operation
15, Stop in strict accordance with the order specified in the instructions.
16, Check the wear of impeller blades and lining boards, and replace them if necessary. If the bolt is loose, it should be fastened in time.
17, Check the surface of the conveyor belt, if there is peeling phenomenon, should be replaced in time.
18, When the equipment is out of use for a long time, it is not allowed to store material in hopper and storage bin, and clean the blender, storage bin and hopper with water.
19, According to the stipulation of the warranty regulations, we will carry out case insurance operations.
20, The operation staff undergo work, should shut down the operating room doors and windows, lock the operating room door.

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