Steps for commissioning concrete mixing plants

After the concrete mixing station is installed, the debugging of concrete mixing station is also an essential step. After installation and debugging, it can be used safely. Below, Xiaobian for you to explain the debugging steps.

1, in the debugging of the system when the emergency button reset, close the electrical cabinet of male power switch, connected successively on each branch circuit breaker control circuit, power switch, power switch control room, to observe the electrical system there is no abnormal phenomenon, if there is a check immediately;
2. Turn on the buttons of each motor, test whether the steering of the motor is correct, if not correct, should be adjusted immediately;
3. Start the air pump of the concrete mixing station. After the air pressure reaches the requirement, start the air control gates according to the button marking, check whether the movement is flexible, adjust the zero and adjust the sensitivity of the microcomputer;
Check whether the air compressor switch is normal, the barometer is correct, adjust the safety valve pressure to the standard range;
4, the mixer test run, to see if there is abnormal sound, each component is normal work;
5, in the belt conveyor for debugging, need to run, in the process of checking the operation of each idler roller is flexible, should carefully observe the belt, can not have sway, deviation, grinding, skid, deformation and so on;
6, in debugging concrete batching machine, be sure to press the batching button, to see whether flexible and can configure the accuracy, and then adjust the burden reference.

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