Steps of Reversing Drum Concrete Mixers

When users clean the remaining concrete in mixing drum after work, they use the sledge hammer to hit the mixing drum body of concrete mixer, and that is a wrong method to clean the remaining concrete, which not only can not clean up the defective materials, but also can greatly damage the machine and even lead to barrel deformation and harsh sounds because of mixing blades rubbing the cylinder wall. Therefore, this method will damage concrete mixer and affect normal production.
Actually, the maintenance and cleaning of reversing drum concrete mixer is simple. Some users just do it in an incorrect way, which will shorten the service life of concrete mixer. Today, technical personnel will give you some suggestions to help you correctly clean and maintain concrete mixer.
Although reversing drum concrete mixer belongs to civilian concrete mixer, and its usage is simple, there are a lot of requirements on how to correctly use reversing drum concrete mixer and how to prolong its service time. Users should operate and maintain the machine according to instructions; regularly lubricate the bearing parts with grease; always check the machine’s fastening situation, and if there is any loose screw, tighten them in time; pay attention to checking and adjusting the clearance between mixing blade and cylinder. For more information about any of our products, please feel free to contact Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery via email or at the contact addresses available on this website.

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