Suggestion on Choosing Location of Concrete Batching Plant

The location of concrete batching plant can not only affect the construction, but also greatly influence the quality and cost of construction. In order to maximum benefits, users should take all related factors into consideration to choose the best location for your concrete mixing plant. Being a well-known concrete batching plant manufacturer, Zhengzhou CamelWay Machinery give you some suggestion as the followings:

concrete mixing station1

  1. In order to reduce costs and avoid unnecessary transportation, concrete batching plant should be located in a very convenient place.
  2. Users should make full use of the terrain advantages to make the layout tighter to save land areas.
  3. In order to realize convenient and timely transportation, there should be enough transporting vehicles in front of concrete batching plant.
  4. The laboratory and dispatching room should be placed in the main road of your factory as much as possible.
  5. Concrete batching plant should near to pool and concrete recycling plants to avoid long distance transportation of resources and waste materials.
  6. Around concrete batching plant, there should be enough place to place concrete mixer truck.
  7. Concrete batching plant shall be located in the downwind direction of residential areas.

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